About Us

The Center for the Historical Inquiry in the Social Sciences is dedicated toward a broad interdisciplinary approach that aims to incorporate a historical perspective into the study of social phenomenon. Economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, psychology, art history, history, music, and more combine to form a creative space where ideas can be fruitfully explored and discussed in a scholarly environment conductive to academic collaboration. Through this effort we hope to break down artificial disciplinary distinctions and emphasize the commonalities that unite a wide swarth of scholars working on distinct but interconnected projects. It represents a continuation of the old Transitions to Modernity Colloquium with an added emphasis on history and its capacity to bridge divisions across the humanities and social sciences.

The CHESS Blog hopes to continue this project and extend it into the virtual sphere. Additionally, it aims to provide an avenue for graduate students to offer their opinions regarding current events and topics covered in the workshop in a low pressure yet academically informed environment. The CHESS Blog hopes to create an online dialogue that allows a free flowing exchange of ideas and opinions to take place outside the constraints of physical co-presence. The Blog acts as a complement to activities that occur in the workshop and extends these topics to include additional insights into how historical legacies have shaped contemporary societies all around the world. By so doing it further integrates the study of history and social phenomena by providing a free and open avenue for creative scholarly expression.

The CHESS blog accepts contributions from all Yale graduate students working in the social sciences, history, and professional schools regardless of disciplinary affiliation. The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of Yale University, the Yale University sociology department, the MacMillan Center, or the organizers of the CHESS workshop, but solely those of the authors involved.

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